Kalasha Awards 2019 Highlights : Kenya Film Commission

Central to the Mission of the Kenya Film Commission is the promotion of a vibrant film industry. Observations of film industries throughout the world show that systems of awards are integral to the establishment and growth of national film industries. Approximately 100 countries have their own film awards or festivals. Within Africa the successes of FESPACO in Ougadougou, Burkina Faso, the Durban Film Festival in South Africa, and the Dhow Festival in Zanzibar indicate clearly that Festivals and Award Ceremonies give a strong and consistent boost to national and continental film industries.

By recognising our own level of excellence and the achievements of our film practitioners, we set benchmarks for future film-makers and encourage the expansion of the industry. Through the establishment of a set of regulations for the Awards which are both fair-minded and democratic, the Kenya Film Commission hopes to encourage a healthy level of competition amongst film makers which will lead to higher levels of good practice within the industry.

It is hoped that the Kalasha Awards will stimulate market activity in all areas associated with the branding of the Awards and industry as a whole. They will also create work opportunities in the hospitality and media industries, through the structure and implementation of a high-quality Awards Event which will be broadcast to national and international audiences.