Nickson Sanae Nampaso

I am currently an intern/trainee at Kipenz Films, learning to be a Film Producer, Cinematographer and Editor. I have always had a passion in the film industry and I am seeing my dreams slowly but surely coming to reality.

My experience working with Kipenz Films has been one of the best so far in my working life. From their welcoming heart to their follow ups, engagement in their work from the start to the end of every production and documentation assignment. I have something to look forward to everyday whether at the office or in the field. This is more than a company, its a family.
I started out as a Grips Person (that guy who charges the batteries, holds the boom mic and everything else that a Grips Person does). Over time I have slowly grown from an amateur of not knowing anything about cameras or production in general to understanding and being able to actually work with cameras and sound devices like the Zoom H4N/H6 and the Public Address system. As a result, I have gained quite a bit of experience both physically and mentally, I have a fresh look at life in general from my interactions with a robust variety of cultures through field documentaries and weddings. I am simply looking forward to many more experiences at Kipenz as i continue with my self-discovery and learning journey.