UNWASTED Documentary | Holos Creative Solutions (HCS_Afrika Ltd)

Plastic is a synthetic material that over the last fifty or sixty years has impacted the way we live globally. Plastic as we know it has only been around for about half a century; very few other human innovations have made such a significant socioeconomic impact on our world. As the disposable income of consumers grows, so does the share of the beauty industry. While new beauty trends storm the street shops and social media, the head-spinning multi-million dollar cosmetics, beauty and fashion industries continue to influence consumer behavior. Synthetic hair and hair extensions are a big part of these industries. However, post-consumer waste is not well managed and has contributed to environmental crises in solid waste management.

Synthetic hair is one of the biggest income generators in the world. In 2018, the global consumer market of wigs and extension hair was valued at 5.9 billion USD and is expected to grow to $10 billion by 2023. In Machakos County, beauticians sell between 300 to 600 pieces of braids and 200 to 450 packs of weave every day. Mumbua, like many other beauticians and consumers in Kenya and around the world are among those who benefit from the Synthetic Hair Industry both directly and indirectly.

Produced by Kipenz Films for HCS_Afrika LTD