We are keen to capture a story in its most natural form, and easy to understand as you get entertained. We love to tell real stories.

We view the creation of a film as a collaborative process and offer ideas and solutions to fit the particular project. We pride ourselves in being easy to work with. This is why we have long-standing relationships with some of the most highly regarded institutions in the country… Whether you are a Development, Humanitarian or Social Change enthusiast, we welcome you to indulge. To discuss your next video project contact us today.

Women in the Maize Seed Business in East and Southern Africa
Janey Leakey: Leldet Seed Company Ltd, Kenya
Elizabeth Sikoya, Nzara Yapera Seeds, Mozambique
Dr. Grace Malindi: Mgom mera Seeds, Malawi
Stepanie Angomwile, Afri Seeds, Zambia
Sylvia Horemans: Kamano Seeds, Zambia
Dr. Zubeda Mduruma: Aminata Quality Seeds Ltd, Tanzania
Josephine Okot, Victoria Seeds Ltd, Uganda
Furniture Home Store Grand Opening : Ashley Furniture Home Store (Two Rivers Mall)
DOB Club Equity : Kenya Office Launch Film
HIV Monitoring and Evaluation Tools Training Course : NASCOP
Citizen Science and Air Pollution Monitoring : Stockholm Environment Institute
Makindu Livestock Trade Show : USTADI
Ending Child Marriage : Plan International Kenya
Kambu Livestock Trade Show : USTADI
Mobile and Banking Workshop : INFOBIP
Masinga Livestock Trade Show : Ustadi
Katangi Livestock Trade Show : USTADI
Mutomo Livestock Trade Show : Ustadi
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