We are keen to capture a story in its most natural form, and easy to understand as you get entertained. We love to tell real stories.

We view the creation of a film as a collaborative process and offer ideas and solutions to fit the particular project. We pride ourselves in being easy to work with. This is why we have long-standing relationships with some of the most highly regarded institutions in the country… Whether you are a Development, Humanitarian or Social Change enthusiast, we welcome you to indulge. To discuss your next video project contact us today.

Youth in Agriculture Summit | Embu County Government
Youth in Agriculture Documentary | Embu County Government
UNWASTED Documentary | Holos Creative Solutions (HCS_Afrika Ltd)
Kalasha Awards 2019 Highlights : Kenya Film Commission
Women in the Maize Seed Business in East and Southern Africa
Janey Leakey: Leldet Seed Company Ltd, Kenya
Elizabeth Sikoya, Nzara Yapera Seeds, Mozambique
Dr. Grace Malindi: Mgom mera Seeds, Malawi
Stepanie Angomwile, Afri Seeds, Zambia
Sylvia Horemans: Kamano Seeds, Zambia
Dr. Zubeda Mduruma: Aminata Quality Seeds Ltd, Tanzania
Josephine Okot, Victoria Seeds Ltd, Uganda
Furniture Home Store Grand Opening : Ashley Furniture Home Store (Two Rivers Mall)
DOB Club Equity : Kenya Office Launch Film
HIV Monitoring and Evaluation Tools Training Course : NASCOP
Citizen Science and Air Pollution Monitoring : Stockholm Environment Institute
Makindu Livestock Trade Show : USTADI
Ending Child Marriage : Plan International Kenya
Kambu Livestock Trade Show : USTADI
Mobile and Banking Workshop : INFOBIP
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